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Meet Our Team

What do we do

Ausburn Advisors is a business loan and commercial mortgage (non-bank) firm. We provide our clients with far more than just data or information. We become valued business partners by applying superior thinking to research and consulting assignments, helping to solve complex business problems.


Our commercial and business loan funding network represents our most integral ability to successfully identify flexible financing options on behalf of our clients. This relationship not only saves our clients valuable time interviewing multiple banks and funding entities providing the same loan packaging request, this also provides Ausburn Advisors clients the added benefit of our loan underwriting and packaging expertise, our valued relationships and recommendations, our unmatched reputation for underwriting worthwhile transactions and securing the appropriate funding sources.

Professional people

The team of professionals at Ausburn Advisors has a superb knowledge of the commercial and business financing industry, as well as strong relationships with individual banks, investors, mortgage companies, direct resource funds and governmental loan programs across the United States. Our firm is the leading advocate for companies that seek any and all types of commercial and business financing solutions. We build bridges between our clients/prospects and the commercial banks, insurance companies and additional loan funding sources who make up our funding network.


Our services begin with an initial consultation discussing our client's funding objectives and financial goals, along with a review of the desired loan request. We then review your company's financial package, complete a cursory underwriting, provide a loan structure proposal, and then introduce a client approved proposal to the most appropriate Ausburn Advisors lending partner whose risk appetite matches the transaction. Finally, we negotiate and advocate the best financing terms possible on behalf of our client.. YOU!

Who we are

Charles Ausburn
CEO/Finance Director/Founder
Charles Ausburn co-founded Ausburn Advisors in 2002, and focuses on operational and project management. Mr. Ausburn earned a bachelor's degree in Finance from California State University — Fullerton.
Herbert Cansler
Entrepreneurial Training & Seminar Coordinator
Herbert Cansler, co-founder of Ausburn Advisors (2002), is involved in the firm's capital raising transactions, national expansion efforts, sourcing and structuring of financing transactions, and portfolio monitoring.
Robert B.B. White
Business Development Director
Robert B.B. White is a senior associate, he focusing on portfolio management, investment opportunities and interacts with portfolio companies to assess their current and future capital needs.
Rebecca Silverstein
Chief Technology Officer
Rebecca Silverstein started with GE Capital, spent six years as a senior officer in operations at Wachovia Bank, and founded and sold a web based software development company.
Jeanne Frankel
Director Church Finance
Jeanne Frankel manages a loan portfolio of large, multi-bank syndicated credit facilities for churches with over $1 billion in active credit and $6.5 billion in total commitments.
Kal Badran
Small Business Lending
Kal Badran works as an analyst in the Fixed Income, Currency & Business Finance Division, and focuses on investments in commercial real estate debt and private equity.
Frank Garnett
Client Marketing Development
Frank Garnett has experience in banking and income property lending, multifamily debt, equity financing and Fannie Mae DUS lending, and manges Fannie Mae DUS and 3 MAX Programs.
Martha Reichbaum
Small Business Lending
Martha Reichbaum is responsible for education, compliance and entrepreneurial training programs.
E'Delano Craine
Director of Business Development
E'Delano Craine brings 20 years of finance, sales and marketing, and is the business development manager at Metropolitan Title. Contact elc@metrotitle.pro
Cecilia Bonilla
Real Estate Consultant
Cece Bonilla is an Independent Real Estate Consultant with 25+ years experience in the real estate and banking industry, and Hispanic faith-based community.
Ann Tran
Real Estate Consultant
Ann is a long-time experienced real estate agent who's started her own company. She understands and advises clients with their best interests in mind.
Kelvin H. Tran
Real Estate Consultant
Kelvin is an entrepreneurial self-starter specializing in buying and selling residential and commercial real estate properties in the Houston metro area.
LaDonna Parker
Real Estate Consultant
A graduate of Cornell University, LaDonna has over 30 years experience with many professional designations. She serves clients from literally every continent.
Johnna Little
Real Estate Consultant
Johnna is a full-time realtor with over 35 years experience and many professional designations. A native of the Bay Area, she has exceptional knowledge of the local markets.
Kim Barnes
Real Estate Consultant
With 20 years experience, Kim offers a wealth of knowledge and negotiating skills to all her clients in Houston and surrounding areas.
Lawren Lacy
Real Estate Consultant
Lawren takes pride in eliminating any stress or pressure from the real estate transaction! With over 25 years of service, her team of realtors provides unmatched experience.
Rina Camhi
Real Estate Consultant
If you want someone passionate about the real estate process, Rina is the one to call! She won’t rush the process, and listens carefully to each client.
Rhonda Holman
Real Estate Consultant
Rhonda’s precise attention to detail, strong communication and organization skills, and years of experience will simplify your life and your real estate transaction.
Candace Fendley
Real Estate Consultant
If you are in the process of buying, selling or renting a property, get help finding the right home, pricing and selling a home, or with contracts and negotiations.
Jenny Correa
Real Estate Consultant
The predominant bilingual Realtor in Northwest Houston, Jenny brings 13 years of experience, specializing in new homes and first time buyers.
Norris Aikens
Business Development
Norris holds a National Mortgage License, with extensive mortgage banking experience in loan origination, processing, underwriting, and post close auditing.
Bishop Corey Wilson
Real Estate Consultant
Bishop Wilson brings experience facilitating outreach for our Faith Based Loan Program, and is the Archbishop of the International Church Fellowship of Houston.
Stayce Nguyen
Real Estate Consultant
Stayce is a consummate professional, instilled with a true sense of integrity. Her outreach with the Asian faith-based community is one of our unique services.
Alan Hernandez
Real Estate Consultant
The broker/owner of a local favorite boutique brokerage, Alan brings enthusiasm, passion, and a results-driven attitude to his uncompromising commitment.
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